Horizon Oil Company

Future Plans

Horizon Oil Company Pvt LTD having imagination and vision for future plans creating big Oil storage at port Qasim, which will fulfill the needs and requirement and facilitate the Company to easy import of Oil from abroad. The Company has a plan to share in the white oil pipeline (wop) of PARCO. The company has also mind to develop and establish more Oil storage facilities at sheikhupur, Mehmood kot, machike, Sahiwal, Peshawar and Taro Jabba imagination is the essence of human spirit and perhaps, the most precious gift of nature to the human kind. We understand that imagination is the foundation of creativity so let there be no bounds to expanding the Horizon in line with the perspective, we appreciate out of the box solutions to make the impossible possible. After all, as everything you can imagine is real considering the imagination thinking as real, we are going to create a product LUBRICANT, in Pakistan and the Company have a plan to boost up the Transportation network fleet as already exist in the flied. The Horizon Oil Company Pvt LTD having its newly established Marketing office at I salak street Faiz Road Old Muslim Town Lahore, which will help to Create New Retail network around that Area in coming future Horizon Oil Company (Pvt) LTD will be the largest outstand growing Oil Marketing Company of the Pakistan with full potential of Oil Marking, storage capacity and most vast retail network along with storage and state financial hold in the share market (INSHALLAH) God help the Company to Come across all the vision/ imagination and future plans sincerely and for the betterment and trust of the stakeholders and every Customers without looking about the status.