Horizon Oil Company

What we do

Horizon is an integrated energy company that aims to meet the Pakistan’s growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible. Our operations are depends upon Downstream, including Projects & Technology. Our Projects & Technology business is responsible for delivering new development projects and the research and development that leads to innovative and low-cost investments for the future.

Our strategy

Our strategy seeks to reinforce our position as a leader in the oil and gas industry while helping to meet global energy demand in a responsible way. We strive to create competitive returns for shareholders.Safety and environmental and social responsibility are at the heart of our activities. Our commitment to technology and innovation continues to be at the core of our strategy. As energy projects become more complex and more technically demanding, we believe our engineering expertise will be a deciding factor in the growth of our businesses. Our key strengths include the development and application of technology, the financial and project management skills that allow us to deliver large field development projects, and the management of integrated value chains.

Our value

Our core values are honesty, integrity and respect for people. The Horizon General Business Principles, Code of Conduct, and Code of Ethics help everyone at Horizon to act in line with these values and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations.